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The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the land of morning calm in the East, warmly welcomes her visitors.

The Korea International Youth and Children’s Travel Company (KIYCTC) will provide the best service to visitors during their stay in Korea.

Tour in DPR Korea (movie)

A new and special camping itinerary for school children

A new camping itinerary is already introduced and waiting for school children from different countries to Korea. They include Munsu Water Park, Rungna People’s pleasure ground, Rungna dolphinarium newly built thanks to the warm love for future and coming generation of dear respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un who regards children as the king of the country.

The new itinerary is as follows;

Independence—Immutable Course of DPRK

Grand Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance 《The Glorious Country》

A new itinerary is newly introduced.

On a visit to Mangyongdae Native house and International Friendship Exhibition House (movie)

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