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Nampho City is the port city of international trade in the West Sea of Korea. In Nampho area are the world-famous West Sea Barrage, Koguryo mural tombs registered as the world cultural heritage, Pyongyang Golf Links and Ryonggang Hot Water Health Complex.
The West Sea Barrage built across the 8 km-long wide sea in a short period of five years was completed in June 1986. Ships from 2 000 tons to 50 000 tons can pass the barrage. There is a revolving bridge on a lock chamber, on which are a railway line, a driveway and a sidewalk.

The Three Tombs in Kangso belong to Koguryo, that were built in the mid-7th century, are situated in one place. They are the best among the Koguryo mural tombs unearthed in Korea.
The Pyongyang Golf Links situated on the picturesque bank of Thaesong Lake is fully equipped with service facilities to accommodate one hundred golfers at the same time.
Ryonggang Hot Water Health Complex is situated on the spa region abundant in mineral matters including bromine ion and radon, which are the richest contents among the spas and mineral waters in Korea. It is good for treatment of hypertension, arthritis, neuralgia, lumbago, post-operation sequela, woman’s diseases, chronic gastritis, chronic colitis and skin diseases.