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Mausoleum of King Tongmyong

It is the mausoleum of Tongmyong, founder-king of Koguryo, which was the strongest in the history of Korea.

Founded in 277 B.C., Koguryo was the first feudal state in Korea. At that time it was the most developed country in all aspects of politics, the economy, culture and military affairs, glorifying the history of the Korean nation for nearly 1 000 years.

In the past feudal flunkeys, great-power chauvinists and imperialist aggressors distorted the historical facts of King Tongmyong and the first period of Koguryo. President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il gave a brilliant solution to the problem of the tomb of King Tongmyong on the basis of Juche-oriented view on history.

The President gave on-site guidance and instructions on tens of occasions to clarify the principles and methods for scientifically unearthing and researching the tomb and preserving and managing it forever. He also ensured that all the conditions for arranging the historical relics around the mausoleum were provided on the highest level.

The mausoleum was rebuilt on an expansion basis on the occasion of the 2 291st birth anniversary of King Tongmyong in May Juche 82 (1993).

It consists of the areas for the mausoleum, Jongrung Temple and tombs of his subjects.

  • Mausoleum of King Tongmyong