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Sci-Tech Complex


The Sci-tech Complex stands on the bank of the Taedong River. The complex ,with a total area of 106,600 square meters is a public building for promoting the advanced science and technology. The complex was modernly built in accordance with the demand of 21st century, the era of knowledge economy following the construction of the Grand People’s Study House, the grand house for the whole people to study in the 1980’s.

The complex depicts a huge atomic structure symbolizing the world of science. The complex is a comprehensives e-library. The databank contains already printed sci-tech books and up-to-the-minute local and foreign materials which have been converted in digital formats and categorized in comprehensive and systematic manners. It is a multi-functional complex that boasts an enormous database and lots of online reading rooms. Anybody can come to the complex to learn about science and technology. As it is a multi-functional complex for propagating the advanced science and technology and also a center to provide informations, it provides online services such as exchanging mechanisms of sci-tech informations to research institutes, educational organizations, factories, enterprises and homes across the country in real-time fashion through nation-wide computer network. The complex has different indoor halls, namely basic sci-tech hall, applied sci-tech hall, earthquake experience room, virtual science lab. Exhibits equipped with touch-screen computers, projectors and other gadgets can be controlled, felt or operated at different indoor halls. The complex also has rooms for disseminating sci-tech informations and reading rooms. The complex has outdoor facilities where visitors can be told about future energy sources and amusement with the help of scientific equipment. The main hall is featured by a model of satellite mounted on carrier rocket flying up the sky. It is a green and energy conservation structure that supplies light, cooling and heating with natural energies like sunlight and geotherm. There is a dedicated hotel with a capacity of 500 beds that suits well surrounding environment for the convenience of visitors. Among the peripheral facilities are a studying site, fountain park, a tower symbolic of science and technology. There is a bridge leading to the complex and trolley-buses run to the complex for the visitors. The complex is meant to be a triumph and symbol of construction techniques of Korea that is developing day by day.

The complex epitomizes our Party’s policy of attaching importance to science and talents and the politics of love, respect and attaching importance to people of The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un who regards the popular masses as supreme and boundlessly love them.

  • Sci-Tech Complex