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Okryu Juvenile Hospital (Children`s Hospital)

Okryu Children`s Hospital was built into a magnificent building. The construction was started in March, splendidly completed only for 7 months and opened on the 13th of October, 2013. The building covers an area of 32,800㎡. There are outpatients’ consulting and treatment rooms with modern medical equipments on the first and second floor, and a general operating room and in-patient rooms on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th floor.

And there are school rooms for children who are in the hospital to have a lesson. On the outside, there are a playground, a foundation and a helicopter landing ground for urgent patients from a long distance place. The art work in the central hall is an Acryl painting ”There is nothing to envy in the world” There is an inner rest place and an indoor playground with 10 amusement equipments on the 1st floor. Such rest places and playgrounds are in many places of this hospital. According to juvenile mind, 1,700 paintings are decorated on every wall from the first floor and the sixth floor. It looks as if they are in a children’s fire art gallery or in a palace of fairy tales. And when sick children who cry out with pain see these paintings, they forget their pains and receive the treatment in sweet thoughts of Fairy tales. Multipurpose X- ray equipment is the X ray machine with high- technical digital detector, and can check all parts of body in high level with a very small amount of X-ray to a patient. CT room (computer tomography) is 16 lines type CT and can examine a whole body very quickly. The quality of the image is 10 times higher than the CT used before. Walls of this room are decorated with the pictures that give ease feelings to the children. MRI room (magnetic resonance imaging) is equipped with modern medical equipments. There are primary school rooms, junior middle school rooms. There are also a kindergarten room and amusement places for the children of kindergarten and nursery. Skilled teachers and nurses are sent to this hospital for the children. There are 2 big operating rooms and 2 small operating rooms, in the general operating rooms. These operation rooms are modernly built for heart, brain operations. The walls of operation rooms are made with anion flats that kill germs. For a comfortable life of an inpatient in the hospital, all the rooms are furnished with TV and refrigerator.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un personally named the hospital “Okryu Children’s Hospital” in the meaning that this hospital is situated in Munsu area where clear water of Taedong River flows.

Thanks to the love of The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un for new generation, Okryu Children’s Hospital was wonderfully built like this. After opening the hospital, he sent some ambulances, computers and rolling stocks to the hospital.

  • Okryu Juvenile Hospital
    (Children`s Hospital)