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Munsu Water Park


The construction began in Feb, 2013 and completed in Oct. 2013. It was completed within 9months celebrating the 68th anniversary of founding of the WPK. As you can see, Munsu Water Park was designed to build with light blue color. Covering a total area of 125,000㎡, the park has an indoor wading pool, open-air wading pool and gymnasium. The indoor wading pool covers an area of 16,500㎡ and the open-air wading pool covers an area of 109,000㎡. The color plaster statue of the great Generalissimo Kim Jong Il was well placed in the entrance hall of Munsu Water Park. Here is a comprehensive service amenity including a room for beauty salon, a room for face treatment, a barber’s and a room for massage. And beside of it there are public catering service networks.

There are 9 water tanks and 4 water slides in indoor wading pool. There are altogether 20 water slides of different shapes in indoor wading pool and outdoor wading pool. There are several pools including seawater pool. Water from the West Sea is drawn into this pool through underground tube. The depth of every pool is different. It is 1.5m deep at the beginning and it gets deeper and deeper going inside. It is 1.8m deep at the maximum. Every pool has its own character and has different water temperature. It is always 27~28℃.

People can play different games such as volleyball, basketball and table-tennis in the indoor wading pool. There are a wading pool for mothers and infants, a pool for ultrasonic treatment and a wave pool. There are 9 saunas for treatment. Every sauna room has different medical efficiency and constitution. Here is several public service amenities in the water park . Munsu Water Park had been build under the warm love for the people of The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.


  • Munsu Water Park