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Mirae Scientist’s Street

There is a symbolic tower on the 53-storied skyscraper that has been built to raise spiraled in the form of the electron’s orbit.

There are a drawing room, a parent’s room, a couple room, a children’s room, a kitchen that are furnished with furnitures and furnishings of high quality.

Scientists and educators live in these dwelling houses free of charge.

A variety of trading facilities, public catering establishments, networks of communal amenities and cultural and welfare facilities are to be finely furnished in the stereobate of these dwelling houses.

Mirae Scientist’s Street is the one which shows the idea of attaching the foremost importance to science and talents. And it is the magnificent street which is in the perfect harmony with the spirit of Juche, nationality, originality and the formative arts. And also it is the street of our own style in Pyongyang, the capital of DPRK in the era that the civilization and enlightenment is fully blooming.

This street has been built in the absolute and perfect way as it may be shown. The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un always attaches the most importance to promoting of people’s wellbeing. And he not only treats educators and scientists valuably as the true patriots and revolutionaries but also pays great attention to the development of the science and technology. It is the monument of love that shows the warm benefit of the respected leader.

  • Mirae Scientist’s Street