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Ryugyong Dental Hospital

Ryugyong Dental Hospital was built in Munsu District where Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, Tumor Institute, Kimmanu Hospital, and Koryo Medical Academy of Science and well-known special hospital are situated. It was opened in Oct, 2013.

On the first floor, there are departments for reception, diagnose, first-aid treatment and a shop selling dental care stuffs. Each floor has propaganda showing necessity knowledge for dental sanitation. On the second floor, there are rooms for dental x-ray, surgical internal and pediatric treatment and the playing ground for children. It has treatment room for children which is furnished with amusement facilities so that children feel relaxed before and after treatment. The hospital has computer networks for medical officers and nurses so that they can get information related with its office works. Every department is equipped with up-to-date instruments such as surgical, internal pediatric and prosthesis. The hospital take treatment measures on the basis of measuring the increment of patient and skeletal structure of head on a scientific way with dental multi-purpose x-ray and system for sending information to relevant department through the computer networks is established. They say that dental prosthesis equipment are also up-to-date. And famous doctors and the researcher of Pyongyang Medical University, Kim Il Sung University and dental experts are working there. Worldly-fashionable modern curative means are introduced to cure. Implant, which is developed and produced at home is introduced to reform care by using CNC equipment and they take graft prosthesis which is called second permanent tooth. Thus they raise effectiveness and scientific accuracy of cure and lessen the cure period, and they treat various types of dental diseases which were considered difficult problem, so that they could promote the people’s health. The name of “Ryugyong Dental Hospital” was personally named by The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Thus, Ryugyong Dental Hospital has been modernly built under the love for the people of The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un who wants our people to live a long life.