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The Korean peninsula is located in the middle of east of Asian Continent(N 43°00’ 36”-33°06’ 43”, E 124°10’ 47”-131° 52’ 40”). It shares borders with China and Russia in the north with Rivers Amnok and Tuman in between. It is surrounded by sea in the east, west and south. It covers an area of 223 370 ㎢ (the area of northern half of Korea is 123 138 ㎢), and its capital city is Pyongyang.
Mountains account for almost 80 percent of the whole territory, and the highest mountain is the Paektu (2 750 m). Other famous mountains are Myohyang, Kumgang, Chilbo, Kuwol and Jiri mountains.
It has many rivers. Major rivers are Amnok, Tuman, Taedong, Raktong and Han rivers.
It has a long coastline and many big and small islands. The East Sea, West Sea and South Sea of Korea are linked to the Pacific Ocean.
Korea has a typical temperate climate with distinct seasonal changes. The average annual temperature is around 8°C to 12°C and average annual rainfall is a moderate 1 000-1 200 mm. The annual duration of sunshine is 2 280-2 780 hours.