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All tourists entering the DPRK must have the passport with legal validity recognized by his or her country and effective for more than three months.
An expired or smudgy passport cannot be used.


All tourists entering the DPRK can pass the DPRK border only under the condition that the DPRK entry visa is issued on their passport.
The DPRK entry visa is issued by the DPRK mission or tour office in a country or a region concerned.
There are normal visa and tour visa.
Tourists of a country with no diplomatic relations with the DPRK are issued an appurtenant visa.
Entry visa application must be made and signed by the person in question. But in case of a tour group, an official of a travel agency of the sending part or a guide of the group can make and sign the application.
The entry visa is issued in the condition that the application for tour is made ten days before entry through the travel agency concerned. One or two days before entry, the passport and one application for entry visa (two in case of tour visa), a piece of photo of the person in question (two in case of tour visa) and visa fee must be sent to the DPRK mission or a travel agency in a country or a region concerned to get the entry visa.
Issue of entry visa to tourists of a country or a region with no DPRK mission or tour agency is consulted on each case to take a reasonable measure.