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Dealing with accident and compensation for damage

When the tourists suffered material damage due to their own carelessness, the KIYCTC will not take responsibility for it.
When a tourist gets sick or injured, he will receive first-aid measures, and a doctor’s fee for the treatment and prolonged living expenses will be born by the tourist.
The KIYCTC takes responsibility and compensates for accidents occurred by its careless service.
But it takes no responsibility for accidents by natural disasters or an act of God.

Tour insurance

All the tourists visiting the DPRK with the purpose of tour can take out tour insurance of their own free will.
Insurance for tourists by the General National Insurance Corporation of the DPRK are divided into a tourist’s accident insurance and a tourist’s tripartite responsibility insurance according to the kinds of risks secured.
The insurance contract can be made along with the conclusion of a tour contract.

Acts of God

Acts of God are as follows: decision of the government hindering the implementation of the tour contract, severe economic crisis and natural disasters in the two countries concerned in the contract, fire, war and other kinds of military actions.
When there occurs an act of God, both sides of the contract don’t make compensation for damage.
The part suffering an act of God must inform the counterpart of it as soon as the act occurs.