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Services provided by the guide

Guides and interpreters of the KIYCTC provide following services:
○ offering convenience for formalities of passing and customs and sanitary inspection on the Sinuiju edge of bridge when tourists     enter or leave through the Sinuiju edge of bridge, at the Pyongyang Station when tourists enter or leave by the international railway,     and at the Pyongyang Airport when tourists enter or leave by air
○ explaining the routine and itinerary in a train or a bus
○ engaging and arranging the rooms in the hotel for tourists, introducing the hotel’s public service amenities and guidance, offering     convenience for life in hotel and first-aid measures
○ guidance and explanation on visiting spots according to itinerary, guidance to shops and restaurants
○ interpretation
○ guidance to sightseeing and walking around
○ guidance to an artistic performance and cinemas

Duties and rights of tourists

All the tourists to the DPRK must respect the social system, legal provisions, public order, national customs and life manners of the country.
Tourists’ rights during their stay in the DPRK are as follows:
○ right to conclusion of a free and fair contract on tour service
○ right to travel, that is, visiting according to an itinerary, to guidance and interpretation and lodging
○ right to medical aid
○ right to personal and property inviolability
○ right to demand for legal control on his or her action