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Tour itinerary

Tour in the DPRK is carried on from mid-January to mid-December every year. The period from April 1 to October 31 is a tour season, and the period from November 1 to March 31 the next year is a non-tour season.
A period of tour is various—three nights and four days, four nights and five days, and five nights and six days. According to the wish of tourists, the period can be further extended.
There are a normal itinerary and a special itinerary.
As the tour to Paektu and Chilbo mountains is by air, the itinerary to the places is organized in the period of more than five nights and six days, under the condition that the fee for a chartered plane, apart from the service charge, should be paid.

Tour expenses

Normal itinerary requires payment of general service charge according to the staying period, but special itinerary demands the payment of special itinerary fee according to the routine.
General service charge of a tour group includes the charge for lodging at a double-bed room for a day with three regular meals (more than two national meals included), visit according to the approved itinerary, free use of transportation means, meeting and seeing off at the border station, guide and interpretation service, and reservation fee of international transportation means.
Special itinerary fee, inspection charge to Panmunjom, passenger fare for Pyongyang-Mt. Paektu or Mt. Chilbo-Pyongyang airlines, international transportation fee, visa commission, passenger fare for Sinuiju-Pyongyang railway, charge for extra single room, and charges for international telephone for private purpose and shopping are not included in the general service charge.
Inspection charge to Panmunjom is € 10 per head, irrespective of normal or special itinerary.
All tour groups should pay the charges as soon as they arrive in the DPRK.
Currency of payment is €, and in case of paying in other convertible currencies, the rate is based on the official exchange rate of the time.