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Exchange between the children & the youths

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Individual preparatory items

Following items are advised: trunk, underwear (spare), socks (spare), sports shoes, slippers, wash items, skin-protection items, camera, converting plug, batteries, sunglasses, umbrella, medicines for emergency use, money, sterilized wet paper, woman’s items, and etc.


1. Visitors must respect the system and customs of the visiting place and have graceful manners.
○ Visitors should neither make a loud noise nor run about in front of the statues of President Kim Il Sung and the leader
Kim Jong Il in respect of the Koreans’ national feelings for them. Visitors should neither sit for a photo in front of the statues, nor take photos backgrounded by the statues.
○ Treading on the grass and spitting at the visiting places are prohibited.
○ Tossing a souvenir to a person is regarded as an insult.
○ Waste should be put in the waste bin.
2. Visitors should pay attention to their health and safety.
3. Visitors should make an advanced demand for food.
4. Visitors should observe the regulations at the lodging house.
○ Facilities in the room should be well taken care of, and the breaker should pay for damage.
○ Put the washing inside the washing bag, and the lodging house will take care of it. Washing fee should be paid.
○ Using voltage of electric and electronic devices is 220 V and frequency 60 Hz.
○ When making an international phone call at the lodging house, the caller should make a prior confirmation of the phone charge, time and methods when making a call in the room, he should pay additional service charge.
5. Action order and regulations should be willingly observed.