Rimyongsu Falls: A Unique Spectacle in the Mt Paektu Area

In winter one can see several unique spectacles at the foot of Mt Paektu.

Of them, the Rimyongsu Falls is all the more attractive.

The name of the waterfall means a village by a stream teeming with chars.

When one approaches the waterfall, hearing its resounding sound, one can see a spectacular view in the biting cold in Mt Paektu.

The main course of the waterfall is nine currents, and between them small streams falls down.

Leaping beneath a pavilion built on a cliff, crystal-clear water falls over the cliff, and after hitting ragged rocks, cascades down, forming a silky curtain.  

Originated in Lake Chon on the summit of Mt Paektu, the water falls through the crevices of basalt, so its amount and temperature are the same all the year round.

The veil of mist in other seasons, tinged light pink by azaleas and green by larch leaves evoke a special emotion, but the waterfall is worth seeing in winter. The cliff is covered by ice, but unfrozen water still falls down between icicles; the mist forms hoar frost on the surrounding trees, presenting a spectacular view.    

The waterfall is famous not only by its natural scenery; it is loved by the Korean people for it reflects their stout mettle, with which they advance without interruption whatever the storm of history.

The waterfall is registered in the list of natural monuments in the country.