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Mirim Riding Club

The Mirim Riding Club is located in Mirim dong, Sadong district, Pyongyang. It began its constructor in April 2013 and was completed it in Oct 2013. It covers an area of 65 hectares(627,000㎡) including 7 stables, open-air training ground, inside training ground, riding knowledge propagation pavilion, recuperation hall, service center and outside spectator’s stand which are altogether 63 blocks. The outside training-ground includes 1,750m of earth-and-sound course, 1850m of turf course, 600m of sand course and 1,500m of blue-stone course. The sawdust is put on the indoor training ground that covers and area of 1800 square meters. The indoor training ground has 2 stands on its both sides, and beside it there’re a knowledge propagation pavilion, service center and recuperation hall.


The recuperation hall has some service facilities like billiard, massage and supersonic massage bathtub. The service hall has a sauna room, stand for renting a riding dress and a resting hall. The riding dress includes a riding helmet, jacket, jodhpurs, vest, boots and gloves.

The Mirim Riding Club was built under the noble love for the people and the great exploits of Marshal Kim Jon Un and it’s full of happy laughter and praise of the Korean Worker’s Party.


  • Mirim Riding Club