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The tower of Juche Idea

It was built in April, Juche71(1982), on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the great leader President Kim Il Sung .
It reflects the unanimous aspiration of the world revolutionary people and the unanimous desire of our people to enrich forever the ideological and theoretical achievements and revolutionary cause of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung who created the immortal Juche idea.

The respected general personally proposed the construction of the tower, selected its site and gave the valuable teachings about 50 times for the construction and he set its height as 170m. Therefore the tower of Juche Idea was built wonderfully as the grand monumental edifice in only about one year. Its total height is 170m.The tower body is 150m high and the torch is 20m high. The torch is lit by the automatic lighting device set inside so that it looks like a flaming blaze at night. The pedestal symbolizes the ideological and theoretical achievements of the great leader and the torch symbolizes the greatness and truthfulness of Juche Idea that lights the way for the humans. In front of tower there is a 3 group sculpture of a worker, a farmer and an intellectual upholding high the mark of our Party. It’s 20.8m high and the pedestal is 8.9m high and so the total height is 29.7m. The mark of the WPK consisting of a hammer, a sickle and a brush shows the character of our Party.

The tower of Juche Idea (movie)

  • The tower of Juche Idea