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Grand People’s Study house

This is the center for the education of Juche Idea and for the dissemination of the scientific, technical, cultural knowledge, so it is the correspondence course university.

Under the wise leadership of the great leader and respected general, the construction started in December, Juche 68(1979) and was completed in a short period of one year and nine mouths.It was opened in April Juche 71(1982) on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the great leader. Its total area is about 100 000 ㎡.It is 190.4m long, 150.8m wide, 63.6m high and has 10 floors. It is the Korean-style building. It has 10 blocks and 34 small and big Korean-style roofs. It aims to arm all the working people with the Juche Idea and modern science and technology. It has stocks with the capacity of ten million books. There are about 600 rooms including 23 reading rooms, 14 lecture rooms, question and answer rooms, music rooms and so on. Everyday about 10,000 readers come here to study and have lecture. Any citizen of more than 17 years old can study here without a fee.

Grand People’s Study house (movie)

  • Grand People’s Study house