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Masikryong Ski Resort

There are 10 ski slopes stretching as if a roll of silk hanging from the sky in Masikryong Ski Resort, the ski resort is a comprehensive winter sports centre for skiing, skating and sleighing. Masikryong is a pass between Bubang ri Munchon city and Jikdong ri Bopdong county in Kangwon province. The pass with the ski resort is about 1,360m. It was named “Masikryong” from the meaning that even horse was so hard that it had a rest to go over the ridge. For a while, it was called “Masuryong” as the horse went over the ridge drinking water several times. The total area of ski resort is about 1,400 hectares.

There are 10 ski slopes for expert with an average length of 1,700 m and varying width 40 to 120 m including the slope which starts from the summit of Taehwa peak 1,36om high above sea level and runs down 5,000 m, the slopes for beginners and intermediate slopes, snow playground for children and a skating ground. The longest slope is 5091 m long. Taehwa peak is 1,363 m high above the sea level. The plan is to build 6 slopes more and grass ski slopes will be built so as to enjoy skiing even in summer. Chairlifts run from 600 to 2,000 m in different directions. The ski resort district is furnished with necessary conditions for ski contest and management activities like ski slopes, pavilions on the summit of Taehwa peak and other different spots, a heliport, a chairlift control room, observation room and a first-aid station, and snow cannons.

Hotel, ski rental and accommodation facilities are found around the finish area in a cozy ravine blending harmoniously with the scenery of the mountainous area and the skiing area. Masikryong ski Resort is, indeed, a significant fruition brought out by the love for the people of The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un who is devoting everything to provide our people with the world first class ski resort, a grand monumental edifice.

  • Masikryong Ski Resort