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Masikryong Hotel

Masikryong Hotel provides all conveniences to the ski tourists. The total area is 25,000 square meters, and it consists of 2 blocks.

Block 1 is a nine-storeyed building, it has guest rooms, restaurants and various service amenities. It has first class rooms, second class rooms, third class rooms and family rooms. Family rooms on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor are furnished with kitchen utensils and first and second class rooms have bed rooms, parlours and office rooms. Central hall, hotel reception, restaurants and other service amenities are on the first floor. A billiard room, a dining hall, souvenir shop, international calling room, meeting room, clinic, children’s play room and a corridor linking Block 2 are on the second floor. Block 1 has 2 stories below the ground. First underground floor has a billiard room, a folk game room, an entertainment room and etc. Second underground floor has a swimming pool, a massage room, a beauty salon, a barber’s and other service facilities.

Block 2 is a 5-storeyed building. There is a central hall restaurant on first floor. Ski lecture room, ski suits and equipments rental changing rooms are on the 2 floor. There are rooms for six people and double rooms from third floor to fifth floor. Indoor car parks, a dome tented outdoor restaurant, gas station, garage and a helicopter landing site surrounds the hotel. Masikryong Hotel has been built under the warm love for the coming generation and people of The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.


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